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Set up an ITSM project

The IT service management template has a lot of useful features that are ready to use when you create a new project. There are, however, some useful integrations that require some set up to get the most out of:

Integrate call scheduling, alerting, and incident swarming with your service project to instantly let the right people know about critical issues while giving them the context they need to take action. Learn how to use modern incident management.

Flag, review, and approve changes before they impact upon service quality. Learn how to set up change management for your service project.

Automate your change approvals and notifications about any event related to a change. Learn how to create automation rules for change management.

Create and connect new services to search and link services to Jira issues. Learn how to add a service relationship.

Track how well your team is meeting the level of service expected by their customers for incidents or service requests. Learn how to set up SLA goals.


Last modified on Nov 12, 2020
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