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Allow customers to choose approvers

When setting up approvals, you can allow customers to choose approvers by adding a user picker field to the request form.

By default, your project comes with the Approvers field that you can use for approvals. If you want to use a different field, see Add a new custom field to a project.

To allow customers to choose approvers, select Customers can search for other customers within their project or organizations under Control how existing customers can find other customers and share requests with them in your project customer permissions.

To allow customers to choose approvers:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings () > Request types.

  2. Select the request type you want to add approvers to.

  3. Select Edit fields () > Add a field.

  4. Check the box next to Approvers.

  5. Select Apply.

Optionally, change the Display name, Required, and Field help to give your customers more detail.

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Last modified on Nov 10, 2020
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