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What are services?

In IT service management (ITSM), a service is a system, platform or infrastructure that provides value to your business or customers. Services can include things like payment platforms, servers, teams of people (for example, a legal team), websites, products, or application stacks.

In Jira Service Management, Services allows you to map, organize, and manage these services. By setting up services and using them in your day-to-day processes, you can measure their success, track changes, reduce the risk of cascading problems, respond to incidents, increase the quality and speed of your operations, and keep records.

Services behave like ‘connectors’ in Jira Service Management. Each service can have:

How services work for you depends on how you want to use them – they’re designed to be customized to your needs.

You can create, view, edit, and manage your services by selecting Services in the navigation on the left. Learn how to create a service.


Let’s say you set up three services in Jira Service Management: one for your payment platform, one for your website, and one for your mobile app.

You then set up their relationships: the website and mobile app both depend on the payment platform.

For example, if the payment platform stops working, customers can’t order products using the website or mobile app.

One day, a major upgrade is planned for the payment platform. A change request is created in Jira Service Management, which needs to be approved by the payment platform’s change approvers before it is rolled out. Because the mobile app and website depend on the payment platform, they are also considered to be affected services for the change.

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