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Write knowledge base articles

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you or the Confluence group you belong to have the Add permission for that space. If you're a Confluence admin, you can check and manage this by navigating to your Confluence space and selecting Space settings > Permissions.

To write a knowledge base article:

  1. From your service project, go to Knowledge base.

  2. Select Create article.

  3. You can either start with a blank page or use an existing template (like a how-to or troubleshooting article) to create an article. Templates come pre-populated with useful content and can help you structure your article better.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Name your article.

  6. Add labels, if needed. Labels help users find articles faster. For example, for an article on setting up your printer, you may use the labels Printer and Set up.

  7. Select Create.

  8. Enter article content into the Confluence page.

  9. Select Publish when done.

You can also create an article directly from an issue in your queue. To do so, select create an article in the Related knowledge base articles section.

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