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Create or edit a conversation flow

The virtual agent is now available for all Jira Service Management customers on Premium and Enterprise plans. Read more about plans and pricing.

When the virtual agent recognizes an intent, it asks the customer to confirm it’s correct before starting that intent's conversation flow. Read more about intents.

A flow behaves a lot like a normal conversation between two people: The virtual agent says something, waits for the customer to respond, then replies accordingly. A well-designed flow anticipates the things your customers might say and makes sure they get the help they need. Find out how to write effective messages for the virtual agent.

Flows are made up of a series of steps. A step can be something simple, like the virtual agent sending a message to the customer — or technical, like the virtual agent silently changing the request type used when an issue is created after a certain point. Read more about step types.

Flows can split into multiple branches depending on how the customer responds to the virtual agent. Each branch can serve a different purpose or move the customer to a specific resolution. Find out how to end a conversation flow branch.

Create or edit a conversation flow

To create a new conversation flow, you first need to create a new intent. Find out how to create an intent.

  1. If you’re not already in your intent:

    1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings, then Virtual agent, and then Intents.

    2. Select the intent you want to edit or create a conversation flow for.

  2. Select Flow.

  3. Add, edit, or delete steps to build your conversation flow:

    • To add a new step, select Add () in the place you want the step to appear, select the type of step you want to use, and then edit its details in the panel that appears on the right. Read more about step types, or how to write effective messages for the virtual agent.

    • To edit a step, select the step you want to edit, and then edit it in the panel that appears on the right.

    • To delete a step, select the step you want to delete, then select Delete step at the bottom of the panel that appears on the right. If you delete a step that breaks off into multiple branches, only the branch on the left-hand side is retained.

  4. Select Save changes.

Each conversation flow can contain a maximum of 50 steps.


Let’s say you create an intent that helps customers find out how to reset their password for various software applications.

In the flow for this intent, you may want to start by having the virtual agent ask which software application they want to reset their password for. You could offer each application as a choice for the customer to select, as well as an additional choice that says Something else.

Depending on which choice they select, the customer will continue down a specific branch of the conversation flow. Each branch can be designed to get the customer the instructions they need to reset their password for that specific application — in some cases, it may be a link to a help article, while in others, you may just want the virtual agent to send the instructions as a message.

You could also configure the conversation flow so that if they select Something else, the virtual agent automatically creates an issue in Jira Service Management so one of your agents can step in and help the customer.


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