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Change the workflow and issue type of a request type

You can change the workflow of any of your request types in your project settings, and choose workflows from any service project on your Jira Service Management site.

You need to be a Jira administrator to replace the workflow of a request type.

To replace the workflow or issue type of a request type:

  1. From your service project, go to Project Settings, then Request types.

  2. Find the request type you’d like to update and open the ‘More’ menu ( ).

  3. Select Replace workflow.

  4. In the replace workflow panel on the right, open the Filter by Project menu and select the project your desired workflow is in.

  5. Open the Select workflow menu and choose the workflow you’d like to use for your request type.

  6. If needed, select a new issue type for your request type using the Change issue type menu. You can choose from any issue types that have been assigned to your selected workflow.

  7. Select Update.

  8. If you need to update the workflow statuses for any of your existing issues (for example if your previous workflow has statuses that don't exist in the new workflow), we’ll prompt you to select new statuse to replace them. Select Confirm when you’re done.

  9. If there are are a large number of issues to update a loading bar will appear. Keep this page open and continue working in another tab until the update is 100% complete.

  10. When complete, close the tab or select Go to Request types to return to the Request types page in your Project Settings.

Sometimes, not all your workflows will be available to select. Workflows will be filtered out of the list if using them would cause a conflict in your current project.

Currently, workflows from other projects won’t appear in this list if they:

  • already exist in your current project

  • connect to an issue type that;

    • is already used by another workflow (including the default workflow) in your current project

    • is used by the default workflow in another project that shares the workflow scheme with the current project

You can update your desired workflow so that it will show in the replace workflow pannel by changing the issue type of the workflow in one of your projects.

To change the issue type assigned to a workflow:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings, then Workflows.

  2. Find the workflow you’d like to update and select Assign in the Issue types column.

  3. Select the issue types that you’d like to assign to your selected workflow.. An issue type can only be assigned to one workflow at a time.

  4. Select Finish to assign the issue type to the workflow.

  5. Select Update.


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