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What are compatible and incompatible issue types?

The fields and workflows of an issue type will determine whether it is compatible with an IT service management (ITSM) category.

Compatible issue types have all the required fields and workflows needed to work with a certain ITSM category. For example, the default ‘[System] incident’ issue type is designed to work with incident request types. It contains workflows and fields that power special incident management features such as responders, alerts, and the incident timeline.

Incompatible issue types don’t have the right fields or workflows needed to work with a certain ITSM category. For example, that same ‘[System] incident’ issue type would be incompatible with change management because it would be missing change-specific fields such as Change type, Planned start-date, Planned end-date and others.

If you want to create a new request type for a certain ITSM category but don't have any compatible issue types in your service project, we can automatically create and add a compatible issue type for you. Select Create request type on the Request types page in your Project settings to see the prompt to create a new issue type.

When we create a compatible issue type for you, we’ll also add:

  • its associated screen scheme and screens

  • a new workflow

We’ll also update your site’s issue type screen scheme, issue type scheme and workflow scheme so that this new issue type can work as intended.

You can make your existing issue types compatible with an ITSM category by manually adding the required fields to the incompatible issue type. Learn how to make your issue type compatible with an ITSM category.

If you use an incompatible issue type your requests may not work as intended, and you won’t be able to access certain ITSM features.

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