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Test, explore and learn with your sample space

The sample space is an IT service management template project that is filled with realistic example data. It’s a great way to:

  • Learn how an ITSM project can work

    • The realistic nature of the example requests and data weaves a narrative between Service requests, to Changes, to Incidents. This helps your team see how an issue (or series of issues) can progress along their workflow and create , resolve, or be linked to other issues.

    • You and your team can play around and customise your workflows, request types and dashboards to understand how they work.

  • Test out settings, consequence-free

    • Because the sample space is a separate project, your team can experiment with many settings (and see the affect those settings have on the example data) without affecting their live projects.

  • Explore new features as they come out

    • The sample space is a project like any other, so it will stay up-to-date with all the latest features that are released in Jira Service Management.

Create your sample space

  • Sign up for Jira Service Management.

  • Create an ITSM project.

  • Your sample space will automatically be created alongside your ITSM project.

To access or recreate the sample space in your site, go to Your profile and settings () > Your coach > Sample space.

Your coach is only available for the first ITSM project created in each site.

Global settings and the sample space

Changing global settings will affect this project (and vice versa). For example, creating a new service in Services will create a new service for all projects.


All agents and admins have access to the sample space by default. To change these permissions:

  • Go to Project Settings > Permissions in your sample space project

  • Select Actions > Edit permissions

  • Edit or remove the permissions that you would like to customize for the sample space

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