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Customize internal notifications in team-managed projects

Jira Service Management can send people, groups or roles an email when events happen on a project - for example, when someone comments on, updates, or completes a request.

You can choose to notify specific project roles (admins, agents, or customers) or users, as well as reporters, the current assignee, a group, or all watchers of the request.

You must be an admin to customize internal notifications. To edit the notifications that external help-seekers receive, learn how to edit customer notifications.

Settings on this page will be overridden by a user’s personal notification settings. If you would like to check which notifications a user is receiving, you can use the notification helper.

Create new notifications

To add notifications:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings () > Notifications > Internal notifications.

  2. Select Add notification.

  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the event you want to create a notification for.

  4. Use the checkboxes to select who will be notified when that event occurs.

  5. Select Add.

Change notifications

To edit notifications:

  1. In Internal notifications, find the event you want to update.

  2. In the Actions column select … > Edit.

  3. Use the checkboxes to add or remove notification recipients.

  4. Select Save.

To delete notifications:

  1. In Internal notifications, find the event you want to remove.

  2. In the Actions column select … > Delete.

  3. Select Delete to confirm.

The Internal notifications page showing Edit and Delete options under the Actions menu on the right-hand side of the screen

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