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Find out how your knowledge base articles are performing

Your team can use knowledge base article reports to see how often an article is shared, viewed, and voted as helpful. To see the performance on your articles, from your service project, go to Reports.

There are two default reports that provide information on how your knowledge base articles are performing. This includes Requests deflected and Requests resolved.

Requests deflected

This report shows how often customers found your knowledge base articles helpful. This includes the number of requests deflected in the portal and the number of article views in the portal. When a customer goes to raise a request and starts writing in the Summary field, knowledge base articles are suggested to them based on the labels specified in the article. If the customer selects an article while raising a request and votes it as helpful, it is considered as a request that was deflected in the portal.

Requests resolved

This report shows how many requests have been resolved with an article, without an article, and which requests were deflected in the portal. If a resolved request has one or more links to knowledge base articles in its comments, it is considered as a request resolved with an article. If no article links are used to answer a request, it is considered as a request resolved without an article.


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