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How agents and development team work on bug reports together

When service project agents work on bug reports raised by customers, they may need to work with the development teams to let them know about issues.

To do this, agents can create linked issues for them so they can get all the information required, quickly and easily.

Here’s our suggestion for how to work with other Jira teams:

  1. A service project agent receives a bug report from a customer.

  2. The agent verifies that the bug needs a developer to fix the issue.

  3. The service project agent creates a linked issue in the development team’s Jira project.

  4. The development team lead prioritizes and assigns the software issue to a developer to fix.

  5. The developer works in their Jira project while fixing the issue.

  6. The developer resolves the issue and Jira Service Management automatically updates the service agent about the fix.


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