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What are customers and organizations in your service project

Customers are people who request help from your service project. Jira Service Management converts the requests that customers make into issues for your agents to work on. Depending on the customer access settings on your site, you might have customers in the form of employees at your company, business customers of your company, or both. Learn more about managing customer accounts.

Portal-only customers

These are typically people who seek help relating to the use of your company’s products or services. They can:

  • have portal-only accounts

  • access the help center (portals) on your site

  • send requests from portals or via email

  • view knowledge base articles in the portals

  • not access Atlassian products (no product licenses consumed).

Customers with Atlassian accounts

These people are most likely employees at your company or partners that need internal support from your teams, for example, a new employee who needs their IT workstation set up. In addition to all the benefits of a portal-only account, customers can

  • have Atlassian accounts (with the product role of ‘Customer’ on your site)

  • collaborate across multiple Atlassian products using the same account

  • access your help centers for free, if no product access is assigned to them

  • be configured to use SAML single sign-on or be a member of the traditional user groups

  • (optional) be licensed to use your Atlassian cloud products, for example, Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Confluence. Learn more about updating product access settings.


Organizations are groups of customers that are shared across service projects. Learn more about grouping customers into organizations.

Agents can remove customers from an organization so they lose access to service projects that use the organization. Learn more about removing customers from an organization.

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