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How can I add and manage internal stakeholders?

This article refers to features that are currently rolling out. To find out when these features will be live on your site, keep an eye on our release notes or the Atlassian Community.

Internal stakeholders are people who are not responders to an incident but need to be updated about the incident’s progress to take precautions and actions. Agents can keep the internal stakeholders updated by informing them with email messages.

Add and remove internal stakeholders

You may view and manage the list of internal stakeholders who are subscribed to the incident. To add a stakeholder to the incident:

  1. From the detail of the incident, select Manage next to the Stakeholders field.

  2. Search for the people you want to add as internal stakeholders.

  3. To remove a stakeholder, hover over their name and select the 'x' button.

  4. Your changes are automatically applied so, you don’t have to save. Select Ok to go back to your issue view.

Send an update to internal stakeholders

When you send a message, people who are added as an internal stakeholder to the incident will receive an email. To send an email message:

  1. From the Activity section of the issue view, select Inform stakeholders.

  2. Enter a summary and a message.

  3. Select Send.

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