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Add and manage incident stakeholders

Stakeholders are people who are not responders of an incident but can be updated about an incident’s progress to take precautions and actions. Agents can keep the stakeholders updated by adding them to incidents.

Invite stakeholders to Jira Service Management

Stakeholders don’t need an agent license in Jira Service Management’s Premium and Enterprise plans. You can invite any number of stakeholders, without consuming agent licenses.

You can assign users a Stakeholder product role on Jira Service Management, through Atlassian Administration > Directory. You can invite new users or assign existing users as stakeholders. Just so you know, it can take up to 24 hours (after accepting the invite) for new stakeholders to be added to Jira Service Management.

For Free and Standard plans, only users with an agent license can be added as stakeholders of incidents. Read about Jira Service Management plans

Add and remove incident stakeholders

You can view and manage the incident stakeholders that are added to the incident. To add a stakeholder to the incident:

  1. From the detail of the incident, select the Stakeholders field from the Details panel.

  2. Select Add stakeholder.

  3. Search for the people you want to add as incident stakeholders. Your changes are automatically applied so you don’t have to save them.

  4. Later, if you want to remove a stakeholder, hover over their name and select.

Service stakeholders

When a service becomes affected service to an incident, the stakeholders who have been previously added to the service are automatically added to the incident. From the incident details, you can view whether they were added by an agent manually or by the affected service automatically.

You can manage all incident stakeholders from the incident’s detail. However, service stakeholders can be added and removed from the service’s detail page. Only users with an agent license in Jira Service Management can be added as service stakeholders. Learn more about services.

If you have a connected Opsgenie account, the stakeholders of the affected service will be added to your incident.

Send a message to incident stakeholders

You can send messages to the incident stakeholders to let them know about the progress of the incident. People who are added to the incident as a stakeholders will receive these messages as emails. To send a message:

  1. From the Activity section of the issue view, select Inform stakeholders.

  2. Enter a message and an email subject. If you send subsequent emails, retain the same email subject so that emails go to the same thread.

  3. Select Send.

If you’re on a trial plan, you can only send up to 50 stakeholder emails per day. Wait for a day, or upgrade your plan to send unlimited stakeholder emails.

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