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Create issues in Slack

Chat allows you to connect your service project with Slack so you can turn messages into issues and work on them, all without leaving Slack. Find out more about chat.

There are multiple ways to create issues in Slack. For all methods, comments sync across Slack and Jira Service Management, so your agents and requesters never miss an update.

Not seeing any request types in Slack?

If your help seekers aren’t seeing any request types when trying to raise a request, make sure at least one request type is connected to a request channel.

Show me how to connect request types

From a private channel or a direct message

As a security measure, Assist doesn’t have access to private channel or direct message history in Slack. That means you can only create issues from messages in private channels posted after Assist was invited — except in direct messages, where you can’t invite bots.

To create an issue from a private channel without Assist or from a direct message:

  1. Find the message and hover over it to display More actions.

    1. You may need to select More message shortcuts.

  2. Select Raise a request.

  3. Choose a request form from the dropdown.

  4. Fill in the form and select Create.

From a request channel

When someone posts a message in a request channel, turn it into an issue by:

  1. React to the message with the ticket emoji (:ticket:).

  2. Choose a request form from the dropdown.

  3. Fill in the form and select Create.

From the Assist app

Customers and agents can also raise requests from the Assist app home:

  1. In the Apps section of the sidebar, select Assist. If it doesn't appear, use the search field at the top.

  2. From the Home tab, select Raise a request.

  3. Choose a request form from the dropdown.

  4. Fill in the form and select Create.

Using a slash command

Wherever you are in Slack, you can type /assist to raise a request.

If you use this command in a request channel, the request posts in that channel — unless private chat requests are turned on for that project.

Without a request form

If you want messages in request channels to automatically turn into issues, turn on automatic issue creation.

Additional Help