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What are reports of operations?

This article highlights a new alerting feature that's natively available in Jira Service Management which is gradually rolling out to some Jira Service Management Cloud customers. It may not yet be visible or available on your site.

A new analytics experience is on the way

We’re starting the roll-out of a redesigned analytics experience with better performance and versatile visualization of your data. It includes a complete redesign of the visual components to look and work better.

You’ll automatically get the new analytics experience, but it may take a while as it’s being rolled-out over the next few weeks.

Reports give you analytics and data visualization capabilities on how you use operations in Jira Service Management, how things are changing over time, and how your teams are performing.

You can view reports of all on-call teams or reports of individual on-call teams on your site.

Reports of all on-call teams

These reports give you a general analysis of notifications, API usage, and other metrics that are common across several on-call teams on the entire site. These reports link to only those teams that use operations.

To access reports of all on-call teams on the Jira site, you’ll need Jira admin rights.

To view these reports, go to Jira SettingsProducts, and select Reports (under Operations).

Screenshot of going to Jira settings > Products


The types of reports for all on-call teams:






Incoming call

Incoming call routing


While you have access to view reports of all on-call teams on the Jira site, you can switch to view reports of an individual on-call team through the drop-down list on the top right side of the page. Learn how to view reports of all on-call teams

Reports of your on-call team

These reports give you analytics of an individual on-call team’s operations activity like alerts, on-call, and productivity.

To view these reports, go to the team whose reports you want to view → go to team Operations page, then select Reports from the sidebar. To access reports of an on-call team, you must have team admin rights.

The different categories of reports for an individual on-call team are:

While viewing reports for an individual team, if you have Jira admin rights, you’ll get a shortcut to view reports of all on-call teams. Turn on the Switch to reports for all on-call teams option to view them.

This option allows you to easily switch between reports of an individual on-call team and all on-call teams.

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