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How can I make my service request forms more effective?

When you start creating service request forms for your help center it can sometimes be a little overwhelming as to where to start. The following provides guidance on what you can do to get started when creating your service project request forms.

  • Begin with the most common requests. Choose ones that are simple and easy to fulfill. This delivers immediate value to your customers. It allows the service project team to learn as they build out future phases of the service catalogue.

  • Document all the requirements for a service request before adding it to the catalogue. These include question data, the approval process, fulfillment procedures, the fulfillment team, process owners, service level agreements (SLAs), reports, and so on. This allows the IT team to better manage the request type over time.

  • Capture the data required to start fulfilling the request. But don't overload the customer with too many questions.

  • Work with stakeholders to standardize the approval process where possible. For example, pre-approve all requests for new monitors. Or, assign software approvals to the customer's manager.

  • Document any knowledge base information that might allow customers to self service their own requests, and store this knowledge in a linked Confluence space. Customers can then view articles while they search in your help center. Learn more about creating a knowledge base.

  • Create reports to help manage the lifecycle of a service request offering. These trends can uncover forms that are no longer needed, too complex, or insufficient. Learn more about creating reports.

  • Review your team's performance in fulfilling requests. Adjust your SLAs, requirements and training to improve customer satisfaction.


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