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What is a service project?

In Jira Service Management, you can create service projects that help your team to manage incoming requests and provide help to customers. You can create multiple service projects to give different teams in your organization a central place to collect, prioritize, assign, and track requests. For example, you might have a Finance, HR, Facilities, IT, Marketing, Analytics, or Legal service project.

After you sign up for Jira Service Management, you’ll create your first service project by choosing a project template that best suits your needs. Depending on the template you choose, we’ll start your service project with customized request types, workflows, reports, and other tools. Don’t worry, this doesn’t limit you in any way, you can always configure your project later. You can then add members of your team to this service project so they can start responding to requests.

Customers can access every service project that you’ve given them permission to from the help center—an online place for them to request help—or they can send requests via email, chat, or an embeddable widget.


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