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Brand your help center

Your help center comes with many customization options including translations, logo, banner image and more. The changes you make to the help center will show up in all your portals.

You need to be a Jira administrator to customize your help center.

To customize the look and feel of your help center:

  1. Go to Settings () > Products > Jira Service Management > Configuration.

  2. Under Customize your help center, select Manage look and feel, announcements, and login messages.

  3. From the customization panel that opens up, select Customize look and feel.

  4. Make changes and select Save changes.

Learn more about other help center customization options

By default, your help center URL uses the atlassian.net domain that was chosen when your organization signed up for Jira Service Management. You need to be an organization admin to update your help center URL with a custom domain like your company’s own domain.

This feature is currently in beta, and has some limitations. Learn whether you can change the help center URL.


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