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Support multiple clients with a single Jira site

With a single license of Jira Service Management, you can create as many service projects and portals as you like.

If your organization is serving multiple clients, you can either:

  • set up different service projects for each one of them, or

  • use a single service project and group request types based on clients

Set up different service projects for each client

  1. Start by creating a service project for a specific client.

  2. Set up permissions to allow portal access to only customers who are added to the service project. This will make sure that those not on this customer list will not see this specific portal in the help center. Learn how to set up portal access.

  3. Add customers to your service project.

  4. Brand your portal to suit your organization’s and client’s needs. Learn how to brand your portal.

Use a single service project to serve multiple clients

There are a few different ways to use a single service project to serve multiple clients.

Grouping request types

You can name the request type group after the client to make it easy for them to navigate to the proper place and find the right request forms. Learn how to group request types.

Adding an identifying criteria on the request

You can add a field for the agent (or the customer) to fill in when raising a request that would associate the issue with a specific client. You can, then, query against this criteria for reporting purposes, SLAs, queue building, and more. Learn how to customize the fields of a request type.

Configuring issue types

You can set up issue types to exist across multiple request type groups. For example, if you have several different clients who send bug reports to your team, you will just need one bug report issue type that is present across all those request type groups. Learn how to configure issue types for different projects.

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