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About the portal and help center

Your help center is where your customers go to get information and raise requests. From there, they can view the portal for each service project they have access to.

In the help center, customers can also keep track of all their requests and check the status in their requests list by selecting the Requests button near their avatar. They can select each request to see more details about it and respond to comments from agents.

When you sign up for a Jira Service Management site, a help center for your site gets created automatically.

For each service project you create, a corresponding portal also gets automatically created. You can create as many service projects as you like in your site. Learn more about service projects.

You can share the portal URL with your customers by selecting Channels from your service project and copying the portal URL. Customers can go to the help center via the breadcrumb link in your portal.


An employee might come to your help center because they’re having trouble with their laptop.

In the help center, they find the IT help portal, and raise a request.

After they raise the request, they get a confirmation email, and can correspond with the agent via email until the issue is resolved.


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