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Create a canned response

To create a canned response:

  1. Open the issue view of a request.

  2. Select Add internal note or Reply to customer.

  3. Select Canned responses.

  4. Select Create new.

  5. Enter the following details:

    • Name - Give a unique name to your response. Use names that explain the content of your canned response so you can search for them easily without going through the entire response. For example, if you’re creating a canned response to insert your personalized signature, save your response with the name “yourname-signature”.

    • Availability - Only project admins can set availability while creating a canned response. Select Personal if you want to make your response available to yourself only. To create a response that all the agents in your service project can use while replying to customers, select Shared.

      Currently, agents can only create personal canned responses and would not see this option when creating a new canned response.

    • Response - Use this field to enter the response that you will reuse while replying to your customers or team members. You can format your response, insert links, add bulleted and numbered lists, etc. To personalize your canned responses, use variables within your response. For example, if you want to address the person who sent the request, you can use the issue reporter variable.

  6. Select Create to save your response.

Once your canned response is successfully created, you will be able to reuse the response while replying to service requests.

List of variables

Here are the variables you can choose from when creating canned responses:

Current user

The full name of the person inserting the canned response to reply to the customer.

Issue assignee

The full name of the team member assigned to work on the request. If there isn't one, it is left blank.

Issue key

The issue key (for example, IT-123).

Issue reporter

The full name of the user that reported the issue.

Issue resolution

The customer-visible resolution status of the issue.

Issue summary

The summary of the issue, or blank if there isn’t one.

Portal URL

The portal URL, which can be seen on the Portal settings page.

Request status

The customer-visible status of the request, as shown in the portal.

Request URL

The URL of the request in the portal.

Currently, agents and admins can create a maximum of 100 personal canned responses each for a service project. In addition, admins can also create up to 100 shared canned responses for a service project.


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