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What are help resources?

In Jira Service Management, help resources refer to tools or resources created and managed within a service projectto assist customers in resolving problems, accessing information, or serving themselves.

You can create three types of help resources in a service project: request types, knowledge base articles, and links to external resources.

Request types

Request types help you define and categorize incoming requests and allow you to collect the right information for each request.

Each service project comes with a set of pre-configured request types. You can also create new request types to meet your team’s and customers' needs.

You need to be a project admin to create request types. Find out more about request types.

Knowledge base articles

Knowledge base articles are informative pieces of content that offer solutions, troubleshooting guides, best practices, and answers to commonly asked questions. For example, if you get a lot of requests on how to access office wifi, you can write a how-to article explaining the steps.

Project admins and agents can create knowledge base articles. Find out how to create a knowledge base article.

The external resources feature allows you to add links to helpful knowledge, communication channels like chat, request forms and more from tools outside Jira Service Management.

For example, you could add a link to a video on how to set up your VPN or a link to a document about your leave policy. Or you could share a Slack channel that would guide your customers or employees to the right service team. Or if your HR team uses a different tool to receive requests, you could add a link to request forms that live in this request management system.

You need to be a project admin to add and manage links to external resources on your service project. Find out more about adding external resources to your service project.

Setting up help resources to serve your customers

Admins can customize how help resources are displayed on the portal or help center to ensure easy access and relevance to their customers.

Find out how project admins can group and curate help resources from their service projects on their portal.

Jira admins can curate help resources from across service projectsservice projects to feature them in help centers via topics. Bringing help resources to topics means that your customers will be able to find the relevant resources they need even faster, right from the help center home page. Find out how to create and manage topics.


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