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Curate content in a help center

You can set up your help center’s home page to help customers find the most relevant help resources faster, check out your most important and business-critical portals, and view recently used request forms.

There are a few ways you can group and manage the content that appears in your help center:


Topics allow you to group request forms, knowledge base articles, and external resources from across portals. Create topics in your help center to match your customers' needs, helping them find what they need faster and improving self-service. Read how to create and manage topics in your help center.


A portal is your service project’s customer-facing site. Customers send and track requests through the portal, and also read knowledge base articles to self-serve. Portals are created automatically when you create a service project and appear in the default help center as soon as they’re created.

Help customers self-serve by prominently featuring relevant portals on a help center’s home page. This is especially useful for promoting business-critical or commonly used portals. Read how to feature portals in the help center.

Project admins can set up, customize and group content in the portals they administer. Read more about grouping content in your portal.

Recently used request forms

Request forms that are most frequently used by your customers are automatically shown on your help center’s home page. This is populated based on their usage and cannot be edited or reordered currently.

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