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Resolve requests from the new issue view in classic projects

These pages are for the new issue view. You can check if you have the new issue view by comparing your view with the one below. If you have the old issue view, use these docs to learn how to resolve requests instead.

The issue view is where your agents resolve requests. We're gradually rolling out changes to the issue view of requests, so if you have the new issue view, these pages will walk you through how to use it.

We've grouped key actions and information in a logical way, making it easier for you to scan and update requests.

JSD Cloud - Annotated issue view
  1. Quick-add buttons: Create subtasks, create and link issues, and add content from Atlassian Marketplace apps.

  2. Back to queues: Go back to your queues with a single click.

  3. Watch and more actions: Watch the request, and perform other request actions like move and clone.

  4. Transition requests: Quickly get from waiting for support to resolved, and any status or workflow step in between.

  5. Context fields: SLAs, request participants, and other information to help describe the request.

  6. Docked comment bar: Always there, so you can quickly add a comment no matter how far you've scrolled.

  7. Description fields: Multi-line fields that your service project team fill to add more information to the request.

  8. Customer request information: Request information entered by customers is organized in one place. If the customer raised the request from the portal, you can now use the View request in portal link to quickly view it there.

Last modified on Nov 10, 2020
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