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Available preset automation rules

Are you looking for Automation?

This article is relevant to Legacy automation in service projects created before August 30, 2021. If you don’t see Legacy automation in your service project, check out these Automation articles.

Your service project comes with the following preset rules you can use to set up automation:

Comment updates reply status

Updates the status of an issue after someone comments to:

  • Waiting on Support when a customer comments

  • Waiting on Customer when your team comments

Comment reopens issue

Reopens a closed issue when a customer comments on a resolved issue.

Urgent issue alert

Alerts a member of your team via an @mention in a comment when a customer submits an urgent request.

At-risk SLA alert

Alerts an agent with an @mention in a comment when an issue is about to breach one of your SLAs.

Close resolved issue

Closes an issue and alerts the customer when an issue has been resolved for 10 days.

Update Jira linked issues

Adds an update in the comment of linked issues in the same project or in other projects on the same instance when an issue status is transitioned.

Triage email requests

Assigns a request type to issues sent via email by analyzing keywords from the email subject line.

Prompt customer for comment

Sends a reminder to a customer with an @mention in a comment when an issue has been in the status Waiting for customer for 5 days.

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