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Save your search as a filter

You can save issue searches as filtersFilters let you:

  • share and email search results with your colleagues, as well as people outside of your organization

  • create lists of favorite filters

  • have search results emailed to you according to your preferred schedule

  • view and export the search results in various formats (for example, RSS or Excel)

  • display the search results in a report format

  • display the search results in a dashboard gadget

To save a search as a filter:

  1. Define and run your search.

  2. Select Save as above the search results.

  3. Enter a name for the new filter and select Submit.

Your new filter is added to your favorite filters.

To change your filter's sharing settings:

  1. Choose Details > Edit permissions

  2. Select a group, project, any logged-in user, or public and choose Add.

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