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What are forms?

Forms can use conditional logic to dynamically show or hide fields, and can 
include headings, field validation, tables, and rich formatting. 

Include all of the fields you need in one form, without having to ask your Jira admin to create custom fields or reconfigure request types.

You can use forms in the portal to get more structured information from customers when they raise a request, or use a form to create an issue. Forms can also be added to existing issues to act as checklists or to gather new data from customers or team members as an issue progresses.

To start using forms, go to your service project and select Project settings (or Service project settings) > Forms from the navigation on the left.

Build dynamic, user-friendly forms

Show or hide fields based on previous responses using conditional logic. Add validation, instructions, hints, or examples to any field to make filling out forms easier.

Start with one of 300+ form templates, or create your own using an intuitive, Confluence-style editor with column layouts, tables, rich text formatting, and insert panels. Learn how to create a form.

Make raising requests easier for your customers

If you’re an admin, you can add a form to a request type’s request form – it’ll appear for customers when they raise a request from the portal. Once a form is submitted, it can be reopened for customers to come back and update after a request is raised. Learn how to add a form to a request type.

Get more information as it’s needed

Team members can add forms to existing issues, allowing them to gather more information from customers or from each other as the issue progresses. Learn how to add a form to an issue.

Maintain your existing workflows and reporting

Link form fields to Jira fields to keep workflows intact, and make searching, reporting, triggering automation, and organizing queues a breeze. Use automation to copy forms, add forms to issues, and even trigger actions based on form activity. Learn how to link a form field to a Jira field, or how to create an automation rule.

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