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What do agents do in Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management, the next generation of Jira Service Desk, is Atlassian’s ITSM solution built for high-velocity Dev and Ops teams. With Jira Service Management, you can easily receive, track, manage, and resolve requests from your customers. Customers can send requests by email, a customizable help center, and an embeddable widget. Jira Service Managementorganizes and prioritizes these requests in a single place, and keeps your team on track with goals (service level agreements).

Jira Service Management is built on the Jira platform, so you’ll see some terms and concepts that carry across all of Atlassian’s Jira products. Here’s a quick overview to help you learn the Jira Service Management lingo:

  • Customers submit requests to your team through a customer portal, an embeddable widget, or via email.

  • Service project agents work on customer requests, tracked as issues in a queue. Issue progress is set up by a workflow that can include steps like In progress or Needs approval.

  • Each team works on a project that services requests from a certain area such as IT, HR, legal, or finance.

  • You can integrate Jira Service Management with Confluence (another Atlassian product) to set up a knowledge base. Knowledge base articles appear on your portal. Your customers can read these and help themselves before reaching out to you, and your agents can save common responses to save time.

Watch our intro to Jira Service Management to learn more!


Last modified on Nov 9, 2020
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