When teams or projects change, you can move issues between Jira projects to make sure everyone is on top of the work that needs to get done. 

Before you begin

Make sure you have the Move Issues and Create Issues project permissions. Your Jira administrator can help assign any needed permissions. If you want to move multiple issues between projects at the same time, check out the Editing multiple issues at the same time page.

How to move an issue

  1. View the issue that you wish to move and click more (•••) > Move
  2. Complete the steps required

  3. Review your changes and click Move

What to update

Issue type

If your issue is a custom issue type that does not exist in your target project, you must select a new issue type. 

Issue status

You may have set up custom issue statuses as part of a workflow. If you have assigned a custom status to your issue, and it does not exist in your target project, you must select a new issue status for your issue. You cannot arbitrarily change the issue status, i.e. the option to change the issue status will only appear if you are required to change it.

Custom fields

If you have defined required custom fields for your issue that do not exist in your target project, you must set values for them. You will only be prompted to enter the values for required custom fields in the target project that are missing values. You can also enter values for fields that have different renderers. Learn more about configuring renderers.

If the custom fields of your original project also exist in your target project, and these custom fields are not required in the target project, you may need to set values for them, to move the issue successfully. If you wish to change the existing values for other fields on your issue, you can do this after the move is complete.

  • All sub-tasks will be moved with the parent issue.  
  • If you are moving an epic, you will need to move all issues within that epic separately.


If restricted comments appear to be removed after moving the issue, see this article: Restricted comments disappear after moving an issue to a new project.