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Work with member roles

This article highlights a new alerting feature that's natively available in Jira Service Management which is gradually rolling out to some Jira Service Management Cloud customers. It may not yet be visible or available on your site.

Things to do before you start:

To manage roles for your team:

  1. On your team’s profile page, scroll to the Operations section and select Get started.

  2. Select Member roles from the sidebar on the Operations page.

Assign roles to members

To change the role of a member, select the drop-down under the User role column and select a role as applicable.

Invite people to Jira Service Management

Some members on your team may not have access to Jira Service Management. Select Invite to bring them into Jira Service Management so they can work with the alerting feature as needs be. You can invite people as team admin or default user. You can change the role of a member even while an invite is still on its way and they haven’t accepted it yet.

In case a members is suspended or they’ve chosen to keep their email address hidden for privacy reasons, you’ll not have the option to invite them to Jira Service Management.

Search and filter members

You can search for members by name or their email address. You can also filter members based on their role (admin or user).

Manage members

To add members to your team or remove them, select Manage members. This action takes you to the team profile page.


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