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Features in the new workflow editor

While we continue building the new workflow editor, there are some features you’ll only be able to access from the old editor. You can switch between editors at any time to access the features you need. Changing your default workflow editor .

This article lists which features are available and unavailable in the new workflow editor, and which new rules replace which old rules.

Available features

New rules in the new workflow editor replace old rules from the old workflow editor. You can use this list to see which old rules map to which new rules.

New rules:

'Restrict who can move an issue' replaces:

  • Only Assignee Condition

  • Only Reporter Condition

  • Permission Condition

  • User Is In Any Group

  • User Is In Any Project Role

  • User Is In Project Role

  • User Is In Group

‘Restrict to when an issue has been through a specific status’ replaces:

  • Previous Status Condition

'Validate that people have a specific permission' replaces:

  • Permission Validator

  • User Permission Validator

'Show a screen' replaces:

  • Transition screen (This isn’t a rule in the old workflow editor, but it is in the new workflow editor.)

‘Copy the value of one field to another’ replaces:

  • Copy Value From Other Field

'Update an issue field' replaces:

  • Update Issue Custom Field

  • Update Issue Field

  • Clear Field Value

Other available features

  • Status mapping

  • Properties

  • Shared transitions

  • Custom events


Unavailable features

Unavailable rules

Note that we’ll add many of these rules as we keep improving the new workflow editor.

  • User Is In Group Custom Field

  • User Is In Custom field

  • Hide From User Condition

  • Always False Condition

  • Value Field

  • Compare Number Custom Field

  • Sub-Task Blocking Condition

  • Separation of Duties condition

  • Field Required Validator

  • Field has been modified Validator

  • Field has single value Validator

  • Regular Expression Check

  • Date Compare Validator

  • Date Window Validator

  • Previous State Validator

  • Parent Status Validator

  • Assign to Current User

  • Assign to Lead Developer

  • Assign to Reporter

  • Trigger a Webhook

  • Set issue security level based on user's project role

  • Only Bamboo Notifications Workflow Condition

  • Create Crucible Review Workflow Function

Other unavailable features

  • Looped transitions

  • Exporting workflows

  • Triggers


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