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Use the issue view in team-managed service projects

After your customers send requests to your service project team, they become issues for your agents to resolve. The issue view is where you go to resolve these issues. Agents spend most of their time there, so it’s important to understand it well. Learn more about the issue view.

From the issue view, you can:

  • get the details of a customer request

  • communicate with the customer or your service project team members

  • add attachments that help resolve the issue

  • collaborate with teams on other Jira applications or other Atlassian cloud applications

  • share knowledge base articles with the customer, if your service project is linked with Confluence

  • transition the issue through its workflow, including resolving it

  • update issue details

  • talk to customers and/or team-members

To see the issue view, just go to your Queues and select an issue.

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