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Add a work category to any of your service projects

No matter which service project template you started with, you can access the full capabilities of Jira Service Management by adding IT service management (ITSM) work categories to any of your service projects.

You’ll have access to tailored work categories (service requests, incidents, problems, changes, and post-incident reviews) and their unique features, such as enhanced modern incident management powered by Opsgenie and dedicated change management integrations and automations to help minimize risk to your deployments.

If you’d like to see how to use work categories before adding them to your service project, you can create a new ITSM project and use the sample space to test, explore and learn about work categories.

To enable work categories in any of your current service projects:

  1. Go to Project settings > Features.

  2. Use the toggle to enable the work category you would like to add to your service project.

After you’ve enabled a work category, you can assign your existing request types to the category, or create a new request type as usual to build your new work category from scratch. Learn how to assign request types to IT service management categories.

Impact on customers, admins & agents

While enabling work categories, your service project will stay online so that your agents can continue to work and your customers can continue to submit requests.

Your new queues will be added immediately and your requests will automatically be moved to the relevant queue once their request type is added to the that category.  For example, if you assign the 'Reset my password' request type to the service requests category, any existing or new requests of that type will appear in the service requests queue.

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