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What to know when migrating ProForma Data Center to Cloud

You are now able to migrate all ProForma (Forms) data from Jira Service Management Data Center to Jira Service Management Cloud. The Atlassian Migration Program can assist in the move over to Cloud so you can continue to use your existing forms along with additional features native to Cloud. Learn about the migration progress to help you get started

Before you begin the migration process, understand the already known cases that may occur following migration to best prepare your migrating ProForma Data Center projects accordingly.

What data won’t be migrated?

Choice options from the below fields that have no reference, such as invalid or deleted options, won’t be migrated. As a result, data from these options will be removed from forms during migration, and may in some cases impact functionality.

  • Priority fields

  • fixVersions fields

  • Component fields

  • Custom choice fields

What will cause migration to fail?

Forms using linked Jira fields that aren’t added to issue screens - any Jira fields linked in your ProForma Forms must be added to at least one issue screen in your project, not just the project context. Not doing so prevents Jira fields migrating with the project and will result in a failed migration. This may also cause a failed core project migration if these forms were previously submitted resulting in Jira fields getting added to the issue.

What may be affected after migration?

Deleted users can’t be migrated - deleted users mentioned in a submitted form’s response will instead display as ‘Unknown’.

Some users may be unavailable - selecting the option ‘Only users and groups related to the select projects’ before migrating will cause any users not associated with the migrating project to display as ‘Unknown’. To migrate all users across to Cloud, select the option ‘All users and groups from the Jira directory’.

What isn’t supported and will need to be reconfigured?

Automation - ProForma automation will need to be reconfigured using Cloud’s new automation features. Learn more about automation in Cloud

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