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Prioritize your queues using groups

The priority groups feature is available for Jira Service Management users on Enterprise plans. Read more about plans and pricing.

Project admins are responsible for creating and standardizing Jira Service Management projects, which involves handling a large volume of service requests. To streamline this process, requests are grouped into queues, making it easier for agents to determine their order of work. Learn more about triaging customer requests for your agents with queues

As service projects grow, their complexity increases with the addition of more queues, agents, and workflows. Each queue is focused on a different set of requests while each agent is usually assigned a specific area of responsibility, either individually or as part of a team, and focuses on meeting the needs of a particular group of customers. As the volume of customers scales, the complexity of each project also grows due to the addition of new agents, queues, and workflows. Learn best practices for managing queues at scale

Create and manage priority groups

When you have more than one team of agents working in a single service project, organizing queues into different groups enhances team efficiency, streamlined task prioritization, and improves overall customer satisfaction by enabling agents to swiftly identify, categorize, and address incoming requests based on their relevance and urgency. Priority groups give project admins the flexibility to shape Jira Service Management based on the needs of each team.

You need to be a project admin to create and manage priority groups.

To create a priority group:

  1. From your service project, go to Queues.

  2. Select Queue settings.

  3. Choose the Priority group tab and select Create group.

  4. Enter a Group name. Name your group with a relevant description to help your agents select their priority easily.

  5. Select Create to save the changes.

Here are some examples of how you might customize priority groups:

  • A priority group per agent: “Emma’s Work”

  • A priority group for a group of agents: “Design Team Requests”

  • A priority group for a workflow: “L3 Urgent Escalations”

To manage queues in a priority group:

  1. On the Queue settings page, choose the Priority group tab.

  2. For the group you want to manage queues in, select Manage queues.

  3. Choose the queues, change the order of the queues in the group and select Save.

Alternatively, you can put queues into a priority group by doing the following:

  1. On the Queue settings page, choose the Queues tab.

  2. If you have existing queues on the page, go to the Priority groups column and select the group you want to assign the queue into. One queue can be assigned to more than one priority group.

  3. If there’s no existing queues, select Create queue. Then use the Assign to priority group dropdown to select a group for the new queue.

Queues not assigned to a priority group show under the All queues section from the project sidebar.

Switch priority groups

When queues are organized into groups, your agents can switch their view to work on different sets of queues based on the groups you have created.

To switch priority groups:

  1. From your service project, go to Queues.

  2. Under the Priority group section of the sidebar, select the current group name and choose an alternative priority group.

Queues in Starred and Priority group refresh on a regular sync updating their issue count (the number of issues in the queue). Queues in All queues do not refresh and is collapsed by default.

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