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Add languages to your service project

The portal usually displays your service project’s default language. But you can translate your portal and email notifications into multiple languages for your customers. Learn more about language support.

To make sure that a language is visible to your customers, you need to review and confirm its translations and enable it.

To add a new language to your service project:

  1. You need to have a User product role on Jira Service Management. Learn how product access work

  2. From your service project, go to Project settings > Language support.

  3. Select Add languages.

  4. From the list, check the boxes next to the languages you want to add and select Add.

These languages will be added to the list in Language support. This list shows the language's status and information about its translations.

Add and review translations for a language

Adding translations is especially important for customized content, such as help center announcements, which will otherwise appear in your default service project language. Some translations are automatically generated and you’ll need to review and confirm them before they can be shown to your customers on your help center.

To add or review translations for a language:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Language support.

  2. From the list, select the language you want to add or review translations for.

  3. From the sidebar navigation, select the section you want to add translations for.

  4. Add translations and select Save.

  5. Check the sidebar navigation. Sections that need translation review will be marked with a yellow dot.

  6. Go through these sections that need translation review. Select Confirm translations to verify that they are up to date.

  7. Select Save.

If no translation has been configured for a language, the issue type, status, resolution and priority fields will be displayed in the default language. Read more about translating resolutions, priorities, statuses, and issue types.

Enable a language in your service project

We disable newly-added languages by default. We do this so you can quality check your new language and its translations before customers see them.

To enable a language:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Language support.

  2. From the list of languages, turn on the toggle under Available to customers for the language of your choice.

Project admins will need to ask their Jira admins to manage the default Jira site language. Project admins won't be able to translate help center announcements if the help center language differs from the Jira site language.

The project admin will see the service project’s default language in settings for request types, customer notifications, and email templates.

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