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What are form fields and Jira fields?

Form fields are the fields that are created to appear on your form. These fields can be created by project admins and won’t be saved to your service project like a custom Jira field. Learn more about forms, or where forms can be used.

Jira fields are the fields you drag and drop into your request form or issue view when configuring your request type. These fields include system Jira fields pre-configured such as Description or Summary, or they can be custom Jira fields admins create that are saved to specific screens. They will appear on the request form above your form fields if a form is added to your request type. Learn more about configuring your request form and issue view.

Jira fields are responsible for automation, reporting, JQL, and other processes. You can link form fields to Jira fields to continue to trigger these processes if you wish to use a form as part of a request type. Learn how to link a form field to a Jira field.

To avoid fields appearing twice on a request type for customers, duplicate Jira fields will be removed. For example, if you have added a form to the Get IT help request type, the Description Jira field can’t be on the request form and linked to a form field at the same time. Either the Description field will be removed from the request form, or it will be unlinked in the form. Read more about duplicate form fields and Jira fields.

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