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What are form fields and Jira fields?

Form fields are the fields that appear on your form, regardless of where it’s used. Learn more about forms, or where forms can be used.

Jira fields can be considered ‘system’ fields – they’re the fields you drag and drop into your request form when configuring your request type.

Jira fields are responsible for automation, reporting, JQL, and other processes. You can link form fields to Jira fields to use forms to trigger these processes and avoid duplication. Learn how to link a form field to a Jira field.

Jira fields can appear:

  • on the request form on the portal (above your form fields, if you’ve added a form to your request form)

  • on the request view on the portal after the request is raised

  • on the issue view in Jira Service Management for agents and admins

Learn more about configuring your request form and issue view.

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