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Automate change management with Jenkins

The features described in this article are available for service projects using the IT service management template. Learn more about the IT service management template.

Deployment events sent from Jenkins can trigger Jira automation rules, allowing you to automate a wide range of commonly used manual change management steps.

For example, you could automatically:

  • create, update, or transition change requests

  • perform risk and impact assessments

  • trigger approvals and dynamically set approvers based on risk, impact, or affected service

  • notify stakeholders or end users of changes in real-time, via email, Slack, or Webhook

  • update a change request when implementation is complete, including whether or not it was successful

Learn more about deployment triggers in Jira Automation.

The Jira Cloud plugin for Jenkins can also help you automate your change management processes using deployment tracking and deployment gating, which can be used separately or in combination within a single Jenkins pipeline.

To begin automating your change management processes with Jenkins, link Jira Service Management with Jenkins.

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