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Add labels to knowledge base articles

Labels are keywords that you can add to your existing knowledge base articles to make it easier for your customers to find relevant articles when they need them. When customers search in the help center or raise a request using keywords similar to the labels, they get improved article suggestions.

For example, you could add the ‘onboarding’ label to all articles related to new hire onboarding. That would make it easier to display and search for related articles.

Adding labels also helps your agents find and share relevant articles while working on an issue.

Read how to share knowledge base articles with customers.

Anyone with the permission to edit an article can add labels to it.

To add labels to an article:

  1. From your service project, go to Knowledge base.

  2. Under Articles, select the article you want to.

  3. Go to Labels on the right-hand side panel and add select the plus icon.

  4. Enter relevant labels and select Add when you’re done.

Labels can also be used to show related knowledge base articles in the portal using the filter by label macro. For example, you can use this macro to display a list of all articles with the label ‘onboarding’ in an article in the portal. It helps group related pages and filter out content you don’t want your customers to see.

Read how to insert the content by label macro in your article

Adding labels for better article suggestions

Project admins can also set up article suggestions in knowledge base settings to suggest relevant articles when customers fill in a request form on portal. Read how to manage article suggestions that show up when customers raise a request.

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