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Enable or disable team-managed service projects on your site

Enabling and disabling team-managed projects on your site is easy. All you need is an existing Jira Service Management Cloud site and Jira admin permissions. Learn more about Jira admin permissions.

You can enable or disable team-managed projects from your product settings:

  1. From your Jira Service Management site, go to Settings ().

  2. Select Products.

  3. Under Configuration in the Jira Service Management section, find the Project types section.

  4. Under Team-managed projects, use the toggle to enable or disable Team-managed projects on your site.


Enabling team-managed service projects

Enabling team-managed service projects will allow anyone on your site with permission to create team-managed projects. Team-managed projects will become available to use when they select Create project and choose a project type.

By default, Jira Service Management gives all users the Create team-managed projects global permission. To prevent users from creating team-managed projects you can manage which groups are granted this permission in your global settings. Learn how to change permissions in your global settings.

We recommend checking your global permissions so that you know who can create and use Team-managed projects. Learn more about the admin role in team-managed projects.


Disabling team-managed service projects

Disabling team-managed projects removes team-managed projects as an option across your Jira Service Management site. When a team-member selects Create project and chooses a project type, only company-managed projects will be available. Disabling team-managed projects will not effect any of your existing projects.

If you’d like to delete a specific team-managed service project, learn how to create, edit, and delete team-managed service projects


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