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What are the member roles in operations?

This article highlights a new alerting feature that's natively available in Jira Service Management which is gradually rolling out to some Jira Service Management Cloud customers. It may not yet be visible or available on your site.

Teams are built up of users. A user can be a member of multiple teams. Even users that don't have a Jira Service Management license can be a member of a team that’s equipped to manage operations. Such users should be first invited to Jira Service Management. Members may also be given specific roles on a team.

For example, some users may be granted additional permissions to handle specific administrative tasks for the team (managing on-call schedules and escalations, etc.).

This article is about how you can manage the roles of your team members that deal with operations. There are only two basic roles any member of your team can hold within the operations space: Team admin and User.

Team admin

Members of your team that take this role can manage any kind of settings, configuration (schedule configuration, integration setup, etc.), and other users in the team. Anyone on the team can be a team admin - the role assignment can happen either when you’re setting up operations/alerting for your team (for example, you can make someone with access to Jira Service Management a team admin at this step itself) or afterward too.

When added to a team, a Jira admin is assigned a team admin role by default.

Jira admins can also configure a team even if they are not a member of the team.


Default users can only access the configurations that they're part of, and they can only access the alerts that they have permission for. In other words, default users can manage the settings that will only affect themselves.

Roles and permissions matrix

Team admin and User are the two predefined member roles that Jira Service Management provides for your team. The following table lists the associated permissions for each role:


Team admin


Add or remove team members


Create/Edit/Delete routing rules of the team


Create/Edit/Delete escalations for the team


Create/Edit/Delete schedules for the team


Create/Edit/Delete integrations for the team


Access team's dashboard

Access escalations, schedules and integrations of the team

Access all alerts assigned to the team

Integrations and on-call pages

When a team admin that does not have an Edit configuration permission at a site level adds an escalation, schedule, or integration, the configuration is automatically assigned to the team they are admin for. Non-admin users typically only have read-only permissions on these pages.

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