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Get customer context on issues

To use this feature, turn on Customer and organization profiles on the Features page in Project settings.

You can get details about your customers and any organizations associated with an issue to get extra context about your customers while working on support requests.

These details will appear on issues along with the other details relating to the issue. The details shown are based on the customer detail fields you've created and the details of your customers that you've added. The customer shown is based on the Reporter field input and the organizations shown are based on the Organizations field input on the issue, or if that field is empty it will be based on the organizations the customer is in.

You must be a Jira admin to set up customer context on issues.

  1. Create customer detail fields and select the fields you want to show on the issue view.

  2. Create organization detail fieldsand select the fields you want to show on the issue view.

  3. Add the Customer panel to the Issue view in your request types. Read how to customize the fields of a request type.


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