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Start shifting from Opsgenie to Jira Service Management

Why shift your operations

With Opsgenie and Jira Service Management in your subscription, you’re able to use both products in a single subscription. But this isn’t the best way for your team to use Atlassian’s operations offering (alerting and incident management), because the on-call responder still needs to continually switch between two applications, constantly, to get their routine work done. Not only that, but this also makes all the work your team does in Jira seem so disconnected from Opsgenie.

We think there’s a better way. We want your team to have seamless and efficient experiences while being on-call, responding to alerts, and collaborating on incidents, so we’re making all Opsgenie features available natively in Jira Service Management—making it possible to access your operations work in the same place the rest of your work is.

This will help your team:

⏱️ Reduce context switching. Your operations team members can collaborate and handle every alert and incident in one tool.

♾️ Accelerate Dev + Ops: increase visibility to Dev and get your teams working together to resolve issues faster from Jira Service Management.

Watch a 3-minute video tour to see it in action.

All you need to do is shift your operations from Opsgenie to Jira Service Management — which is made simple by this shifting guide.

Get started with your shift

If you’re a Jira admin, you’ll be asked if you’d like to shift your operations from Opsgenie to Jira Service Management through emails and even in-product prompts. You can always find the way to get started from Settings > Products > Shift from Opsgenie to Jira.

Shift from Opsgenie to Jira page

In the Let’s get started with your shift section, you’ll find key info about when your shift is scheduled to start automatically and when Opsgenie will turn off permanently. Select the Get started button when you’re ready, this doesn’t start the shifting, but only shows me more information about the process. Read the information and select Next.

Shifting from Opsgenie to Jira

When you start the shift, your Opsgenie data and settings don’t get erased, they stay as is, but also get copied over to Jira Service Management.

What happens to users and roles

All your Opsgenie users and roles will get synced with Jira Service Management. After users and roles are synced, you’ll need to assign a product role to Opsgenie users who don’t have the same role in Jira Service Management.

There might be two categories: Opsgenie admins and users.

  • There could be Opsgenie admins who don’t get the product admin role, so the list of admins will be shown to you after the shift for you to assign them the product admin role in Jira Service Management.

  • There could be Opsgenie users who had a custom role in Opsgenie that isn’t supported by Jira Service Management, so they’ll have the User role unless you assign them a different role later.

What happens to chat tools

Unlike other alerting integrations, chat integrations in Opsgenie must be copied manually since they need authentication. Jira will help you by giving you a shifting guide to easily connect your chat tools and copy your integrations from Opsgenie.

What happens after starting your shift from Opsgenie

Before you start the shift, you’ll be shown a summary of what happens after the shift.

  • Your Opsgenie data and settings will be synced with Jira Service Management, without any changes.

  • As some data and settings will need to be shifted manually, you’ll get a guide to follow and complete your shift from Opsgenie to Jira Service Management. We’ll help you all the way to get it done, don’t worry.

  • Your Opsgenie account will continue to be accessible until the data is specified to you in the product. After that, Opsgenie will be turned off permanently and this can’t be undone. Hence, you’ll get all the help to make sure you’ve shifted all your data and settings, so you’ll no longer need Opsgenie. All your operations will be available in one-place: Jira Service Management.

Select Let’s start shifting to get started. Once that’s done, you can read how to set up operations and complete your shift to Jira Service Management.


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