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Add an approval step to a workflow

When you add an approval step to a workflow status, you can choose:

  • when an issue requires approval

  • who needs to approve the issue, and who can’t approve it

  • what happens when the issue is approved or declined

You can add an approval step to workflows with an associated issue type that is being used by a request type. Learn more about request types.

You need to be a Jira administrator to add an approval step to a workflow.

To add an approval step to a workflow:

  1. From your service project, select Project settings > Workflows.

  2. Select Edit () next to the workflow you want to add an approval to.

  3. Select Diagram if you’re not already in the diagram view.

  4. Select the status you want to add an approval step to.

  5. Check the box next to Include approval step.

  6. Next to Include approval step, select Edit.

  7. Next to Number of approvers, select how many people you want to approve the issue.

  8. Next to Approver source, select where you want your approvers to come from.

  9. Select Next.

  10. Select the statuses to transition to if the issue is approved or declined.

  11. Under Exclude approvers from, select the fields you want to exclude approvers from.

    • Any users that appear in the fields you select here will not be able to approve issues that use this workflow.

  12. Select Add.

  13. At the top of the screen, select Publish draft.

This page is for company-managed projects

If the lower-left of your service project sidebar says you're in a team-managed project, check out these team-managed project articles instead.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.



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