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Respond with an article from the issue view

You can share knowledge base articles with your customers either from the knowledge base or from the issue view to resolve issues quickly. The knowledge base permissions set by your admins determine whether your customers are able to view articles shared with them.

Read how to manage knowledge base permissions from your service project

Share article with customers from the knowledge base

  1. From your service project, go to Knowledge base.

  2. Select the relevant article.

  3. Under Share this article, select Copy article link.

  4. Share the link with the customer.

Your customers will be able to view the article in the help center using the link shared with them.

Share articles with customers from the issue view

  1. From your service project, go to Queues.

  2. Select the required issue.

  3. Under Details in the right-hand side panel, go to the Knowledge base field to see relevant articles. If there are no related articles available, you can search for one using keywords or the name of the article. You must have at least one knowledge base space linked to your service project to see relevant articles.

  4. Hover over the article name and select the Share as comment icon. This will add a link to the respective article in the comment field.

  5. Enter any additional text in the comment field if required.

  6. Select Save to share the comment with your customer.

Label articles for better search results in the knowledge base field in issue view

It is likely that the articles that an agent has seen, edited or interacted with in the past will show up more prominently in the knowledge base field. To improve the search results and list of related articles in the issue view:

  1. Add relevant labels to the article.

  2. Edit the title and content to include more keywords from the Summary of the request.

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