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View import history

Assets in Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise only feature. Learn more about Assets.

Imports bring outside data into Assets. You can discover detailed information about running and finished imports in the Import history screen:

  1. Select an Object schema.

  2. Select Schema configuration, then choose the Import tab.

  3. Select View history.

  4. The following information is available:

    1. Start time - the date and time the import was started.

    2. End time - the date and time the import was finished.

    3. Name - the type (CSV, JSON, or external app) of the import and the name of the import.

    4. Duration - the amount of time required to run the import.

    5. Status - the state of the import, either SUCCESS or FAILED.

    6. Actor - the user running the import.

    7. Operations - Select this column to view more information about the completed import:

      1. Module info - a unique identifier for the import module used in this import.

      2. Configuration ID - a unique identifier for the import structure used.

      3. DETAILS PER OBJECT TYPE - this panel contains more detailed information about the results of importing individual object types:

        1. Number of entries

        2. Duplicated objects based on id

        3. New created objects

        4. Time to read external data

        5. Time to take actions

        6. Time to write Assets data

        7. Execution time


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