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View process results

Insight in Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise only feature. It is compatible only with company-managed projects. Learn more about Insight.

Imports bring outside data into Insight. You can discover detailed information about running and finished imports in the Process results tab:

  1. Select an Object schema.

  2. Select Configure, then choose the Process results tab.

  3. Under Finished Processes, you can view the imports that have completed. Under Running processes you can view the imports that are currently running. The following information is available:

    1. Type - the type of import executed.

    2. Result - the results of the import.

    3. Started - the time/date the import was originally started.

    4. Ended - the time/date the import was completed.

    5. Execution time - (ms) the time the import took to complete.

    6. Execution type - how the import was executed. Currently only Manual imports are available for Insight in Jira Service Management.

    7. Executed as user - the name of the user executing the import.

    8. Details - this link contains further details about the execution of the import. These details include a breakdown of imported objects (by object type) and the following information:

      1. Import module key - a unique identifier for the import module used.

      2. Import configuration id - a unique identifier for the import configuration used.

      3. Time updating references - (ms) the time required to update references when the import was executed.


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