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Set up your knowledge base to improve the quality of AI answers

The virtual agent uses Atlassian Intelligence answers to reply to customers by searching your linked knowledge base spaces and then using generative artificial intelligence to summarize that information. Read more about Atlassian Intelligence answers.

If your virtual agent is using Atlassian Intelligence answers, the quality and accuracy of responses depends on your knowledge base being up to date, well-structured, and clear.

Keep everything up to date

The most common reason for Atlassian Intelligence answers providing incorrect answers is because the source information is incorrect. Go through each article in your linked space and make sure everything is accurate and up to date. Remove vague, conflicting, or outdated information. Set reminders to check your knowledge base for accuracy every once in a while.

Avoid duplication

Keeping your knowledge base space up to date is easier if you only have one article for each topic. For example, you don’t want to have two (or more) articles that walk through the same troubleshooting instructions, because if those instructions change, you’ll have to go and find all of the articles and update each one separately. If you update one article but forget to update the rest, Atlassian Intelligence might show information from an older, out of date article. If you need to include instructions from one article in another one, try linking to the source instead of duplicating the information.

Include words and phrases that your customers use

When writing or updating your articles, make sure they contain words and phrases that are most likely to be used by your customers when searching. For example, you might have an article that tells customers how to request new hardware, but your customers are unlikely to type “request new hardware” when looking for help – they’re more likely to type something like “I need a new laptop” or “I need a new keyboard”. Making sure those key terms (laptop, keyboard, etc.) are included in that “Request new hardware” article will help your virtual agent find it quickly.

Use headings to keep your information organized

Atlassian Intelligence answers can read headings and regular text, and treats both with equal importance. It’s perfectly fine to use headings to convey information as well as organize your articles.

Don’t use panels inside tables

Atlassian Intelligence answers is able to read information from tables, expand panels, and information panels – but not from information panels or expand panels that are placed inside tables.

Organize your space into distinct articles, and your articles into distinct topics

It’s okay if lots of information is contained in a single article, as long as the article is organized into specific topics. For example, you might have articles that offer information about connecting to the VPN, but with one article for connecting to the VPN on a Mac, another article for connecting to the VPN on an Android device, and so on. It’s also fine to put all of this in a single article, as long as that article is well organized with clear headings and full sets of instructions for each device.

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