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Jira Automation docs have moved

All content related to Jira Cloud Automation, previously under the Automate your Jira processes and workflows section, have moved to the new Cloud Automation docs.

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Change access settings for your customers

Customer access allows site admins to control:

  • whether or not Atlassian accounts are allowed to be created for internal customers, based on the approved domains configured on your site. Learn more about approved domains.

  • how accounts will be created for internal and/or external customers to send requests and access portals on the site

  • whether or not customers need to be logged in to access the portals on the site.

Learn more about managing accounts for Jira Service Management customers.

An internal customer is typically someone that:

  • you view as an internal client, for example, employees at your company that need support from the IT department

  • may collaborate within Jira Service Management or other Atlassian products, for example, Confluence.

An external customer is typically someone that you:

  • view strictly as an external, portal-only client, for example, people outside your company

  • don't foresee collaborating within Jira Service Management or other Atlassian products.

External customers with portal-only accounts can send requests and access your help center for free. Internal customers with Atlassian accounts can also access your help centers at no cost, if no product license is granted to them.

Change access settings for your customers

If you're a site admin, you can view or change the access settings for portal-only customers on your site. The changes made on this page will impact the project-level customer permissions.

  1. From the top right of your screen, select Settings () > Products.

  2. Under Jira Service Management, select Customer access.

  3. Choose your desired settings and select Save.

For more details on what each of the settings means for your individual service project on the site, find out how customer access settings impact project customer permissions.


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