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What is the ITIL problem management process?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) problem management process follows the high-level process below:

  1. Incident trends, vendors, or technical support staff report problems to the service project.

  2. A service project team member records the details of the problem and links all related incidents.

  3. A service project agent labels the problem with appropriate categorization. They may reuse the labels of the incidents linked to the problem. The team uses these categories during review and for reporting.

  4. A service project agent prioritizes the problem. They base priority on the frequency of related incidents and their impact.

  5. The service project team determines the root cause of the problem.

  6. The service project team records the workarounds used to resolve related incidents. These workarounds to reduce service interruptions until the service project fully resolves the problem.

  7. The service project team adds known errors to their knowledge base. They include symptoms of related incidents and relevant workarounds.

  8. The service project team proposes a change to the infrastructure to resolve the problem.

  9. The service project closes the problem.

Team members should carry out in-depth reviews of major problems.

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