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This article highlights a new alerting feature that's natively available in Jira Service Management which is gradually rolling out to some Jira Service Management Cloud customers. It may not yet be visible or available on your site.

Integration in simple terms is the process of establishing a connection between two applications so they can work together, in terms of exchanging data and keeping it up-to-date. Jira Service Management offers you the capability of integrating with a variety of IT tools and applications in a flexible and easy way. The integrations could be unidirectional (incoming or outgoing) or bidirectional (both incoming and outgoing). If an integration you’re interested in doesn't exist in our collection, our integrations team will evaluate and see if one can be built.

ITSM, Ticketing tool integrations, and outgoing integrations (or the outgoing feature of other available integrations excluding chat tools) are not available under the Free and Essentials Plans. Upgrade to a Standard or Enterprise Plan for access to these integrations.

Email integration

By integrating with an application that can send emails, you can create Jira Service Management alerts and notify relevant people with just a few clicks. With powerful email parsing capabilities, you can create, acknowledge, close, and deduplicate alerts automatically via email. Learn more about integration types and actions.

Web API and libraries

Jira Service Management provides a simple JSON over HTTPS API so that any application can easily integrate with it. Using Jira Service Management Web API and the programming libraries, you can implement tools to automate tasks, create and close alerts, attach files, and synchronize comments in your preferred programming language.

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